Does sales hunting go beyond your sales team?
Posted Monday, September 18th, 2017


Success Business and Sales Hunting Require Effort

I don’t think we can afford to view business as a passive event. Business involves the investment of effort, an openness for change and an appreciation of the power of momentum. Sales hunting is an active event. Selling is an art (please click). Business involves human beings who participate in a variety of roles from executive leadership on down.

For the business role of the sales producer, they obviously need to be actively pursuing or hunting for revenue-producing sales opportunities. Sadly, even some members of the sales community have been known to take the passive approach as they may wait for the phone to ring.

Many members of the business community do not regard their personalities or their roles as hunters. For example, the accounting department or the manufacturing team or the administrative members of your business do not come to work thinking of themselves as being in the role of hunting.

I frequently hear people complaining about the poor service they receive when requesting assistance from customer service. Here is an obvious example of an opportunity to drive customer loyalty and growth by having the reputation for great customer service. Great customer service requires effort. Isn’t this sales hunting?

Perhaps as the business leader, you may not think of them as having a hunting role. If you don’t see them that way, they will never see themselves that way.

The difference between good and bad businesses

If you take a hard look at all businesses, the difference between the really good ones and the really bad ones can be a matter of just a few degrees. Gaining a competitive advantage based solely on attitude can make all of the difference.

Despite new technologies automating our world every day, people still are doing business with the people they want to do business with.

Good Hunting can be defined differently by the sales team versus the administration department.

Questions to ask

When it comes to running your business:

– Is your business focused on targeting, attracting and acquiring the right new clients or new customers?

– Has your business prioritized taking care of your existing clients or customers? It is harder to get a new customer than to keep an existing one.

– Is your business focused on seeking and developing business relationships with the right business partners?

– Is your business taking an active approach to identifying, attracting, pursuing, and hiring the right talent?

– Has your business developed a transparent, straightforward program to define employee goals, measure individual results and reward for performance?

What level of success would you give to your business as it relates to Hunting?

If you can’t award a high rating, then it is possible that your competitors have the edge.

How committed is your business to hunting?

Good Hunting !

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