Consultative Recruiting

– A Deliberately Different Approach

– Management Consulting with Performance Metrics

– Delivering Measurable Results for Small Business

Despite the complexity of your business’s product or service, there is nothing more complicated than the people who work in your business nor is there anything more critical than attracting, hiring and rewarding the right talent to grow your business. They are not “personnel” or “human capital”, they are Your Talent.

Unlike the recruiting model used by headhunters, Boxwood believes that hiring great talent is not a transaction. We are different. Hiring requires the experience needed to connect with talented professionals and a proven process. Getting it right is what makes all the difference to the talent and our business client.

Boxwood uses a proven,  proprietary management consulting and process oriented recruiting approach. We define the deliverable that our small business client values and then execute our  process. Boxwood’s consulting-recruitment concludes with the newly hired Champion ready to do their job on day one using their completed plan of action.

We invest significant one-on-one time with the top candidates to insure that our client hires the best fit.

Our expertise is focused on solving the business challenge. We are industry agnostic and experienced with the spectrum of business’s roles.

What we do for Business Growth: Management Consulting and Recruiting

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