Your Company Stripped Naked (How Do You Handle It?)
Posted Friday, December 1st, 2017

Your Company Stripped Naked

Clothes look better than naked

It has been said that the general public looks much better with clothes on versus clothes off.
Perhaps the same can be said for most companies. Once the business becomes stripped down, blemishes and warts become visible. The imperfections are on display.

Doesn’t the revealing of the naked truth expose a lot about the company and how well it is running?

Let’s discuss two diverging paths in an organization between the employees and executive leadership with a simple approach toward the rectification and the return to organizational alignment.

What is the reaction to the naked company through the eyes of the employees?
What is the reaction to the naked company through the eyes of the executive leadership?

In a perfectly aligned organization, everyone would see the same blemishes and would be working together to address the challenges of the business.

Reaction of Employees

At the core of every business, each employee should be solving a business challenge or business problem for their company.  Employees aren’t really necessary if the business is perfect in every way and has no business challenges. Most of the business problems that employees face in their day-to-day jobs are clearly identified and defined issues. As talented and critical employees do their respective job, they frequently uncover the deeper issues or the company’s blemishes and warts. These deeper issues take many forms from weak leadership to poor execution to a non-existing employee rewards program.

Once they have seen the stripped version of their company, employees can quickly become disenchanted. Some will leave for what they regard as a better opportunity at another place of work. Some will attempt to express their concerns within the communication channels of their company. Some will step-up and attempt to correct the deeper issues.

Regardless, the workforce holds a first-hand perspective of the deeper challenges the company is facing.

Reaction of Executive Leadership

For startups and small businesses, most executives are able to remain in front of the blemishes and warts. The workforce appreciates working in a setting where there is a common view of the business challenges needing attention.

At some point, the business is no longer just a startup or just a small business. Managing in the larger organization is different. For many executives, there is no time for them to view their company in a naked state. For them, they may no longer be able to see their company naked which is a sign that the company has slipped out of alignment. As a result, operational efficiencies are less effective and competitive advantages have shrunk.


Rectifying the issue is a simple one and timely. As we are headed into a new year, what better time for the executive level to formally or informally conduct an evaluation? After all,  those critically talented and hard-working employees have a firm grasp on the issues.

Without making it a complicated process, ask the employees for their scorecard. What is working, what is not working, what needs to work better. By employees and executives sharing the same view of the blemishes and warts, issues can be addressed leading to the return of the alignment of the business.

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