Why Hiring Fails, What is The Problem?
Posted Sunday, April 29th, 2018

Hiring is about Problem Solving, What is the Problem?

Why are you in a business?

In the simplest form, the answer is that your business solves some type of problem or problems. As an employee, you are compensated for solving a problem or solving multiple problems. Of course we can talk about making a difference and delivering value and liking what you do, but business is about problem solving.

Today’s business world has become so layered with various issues, it is easy to forget that at the core of why you run your business or why you work for a business is the question: What is the Problem?


What does “What is the Problem” have do with Hiring?

Assuming that solving the problem is at the foundation of business, what does it have to to do with hiring?

Most failed hiring efforts start at the beginning. Instead of asking “What is the Problem” that the newly hired talent would solve, hiring starts as soon as someone says “We need to hire more people” or “We need to hire that person because they have been good in the past” or “We’ll know the right person when we see them”.

“What is the Problem” has everything to do with hiring. In order to bring in the person who can solve your problem, logic would dictate that the first step would be to declare and define the problem you want them to solve. While this may appear to be very elementary, in my experience, not defining the problem has become a critical issue today and has become a major factor in why much of today’s hiring efforts are broken.

Is this a symptom?

When attempting to define the problem, make sure that you aren’t being confused by the symptom. For example, the company who starts meetings late and repeatedly misses deadlines doesn’t necessarily need to hire someone who can deliver structure and planning. The lateness issue may be the symptom for ineffective leadership. The problem, could be as simple as needing stronger leaders who can execute on their plan and lead by example.

How many of your business thoughts start with “What is the Problem” or “What is the real business problem that needs to be addressed and resolved”?

Are you allowing yourself to get pulled into the weeds and disconnected from the basic business foundation?

What is the problem that is keeping you from asking the basic question: “What is the problem”?

Good hunting.

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