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Wouldn’t it be great if finding a job was as simple a pressing a button?

Unfortunately, job seekers see a lot of RED in their frustration today. There is no magic answer. No one is going to find a job for you. If you want a job, you have to put the work in and find it.

Advice for job seeking:

Remember that it is not about you “needing a job”, it is about the value you can deliver to a business, so they will want you to join them.

Don’t do this:
– Telling everyone you know that you need a job as it will prove to be unsuccessful.

Try doing this:
– “See and be seen”. Network as much as possible.
– Be open to multiple avenues such as: A Full Time Role or A Consulting Role.
– Connect with your network and ask for their advice and insight on business trends.
– Grow your network by asking your contacts if they can connect you to someone who they regard as “connected” or “influential”

Look for opportunities to be hired using three questions:
– Do you understand the business problem?
– Can you solve it?
– Do you fit the business’s culture so you WANT to solve the problem?

Ask yourself this question:
As a job seeker, are you connecting with the hiring manager who has the authority to say “YES”…or are you only speaking with people who can say “NO”(and as a result you are not being productive) ?

Watch out for anything that sounds too good to be true. It may be an effort to separate a somewhat desperate job seeker from their money. Dishonest people have been known to prey on the desperate by promising to find a high paying job for a fee. It is a scam.

What you should know: 

As a job-seeker, it is critical for you to understand the business model of the headhunter compared to alternative models. (CLICK for video)“Changes needed to the Headhunter model”.

“Traditional recruiters” or HEADHUNTERS get paid on a commission fee scale when their candidate gets hired.

– This type of model serves the headhunter and incentivizes the headhunter to deliver the highest earning candidate in order for the headhunter to earn the highest commission fee.

– This type of model involves a casual business arrangement. If the headhunter finds a more lucrative recruitment, they simply walk away from this one and go to work on the next one. The only commitment made by the employer is to pay the headhunter when there has been a hire. 

– This model incentivizes the headhunter to manipulate the candidate to accept a position and the hiring manager to make the hire …all for the purpose of earning the headhunter a commission.

– We feel this is a clear conflict of interest. The highest paid talent is not always the best hire.

– Best Practice Recruiting should focus on hiring the RIGHT talent.

– We believe that hiring critical talent is a formal event, not a casual one. It should require that both the employer and the recruiting professional are committed to a successful outcome.

Boxwood is a consulting firm not a headhunter. We are hired by businesses to help them grow and to solve business problems. Our business model is a fixed fee/flat fee approach. Our priority is to provide a solution to our client, the business. Sometimes the solution involves hiring critical talent (who will solve the business problem). In other situations, we are solving challenges for our client(CLICK).

We do not maintain a data base of job seekers, collect a pool of resumes and randomly post positions.  

On occasion, we enter into an agreement to consult with a job seeker and provide individual guidance as they seek new employment. This work is done with executive level professionals. Please see Section 3 for more details. 

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Section 4) 
Boxwood’s Insight to Job Seekers

The marketplace is changing constantly. The techniques and approaches that may have once worked are no longer trusted and reliable. Think of it terms of your field of expertise. If you were asked to perform your responsibilities today but you had to use only the techniques and tools available to you five years ago, wouldn’t you be severely handicapped?  ………..
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