Candidate Mentoring / Coaching

for Executive Level Job-Seekers

Just like today’s hiring is a broken model for employers, it is a broken model for job-seekers.

There are many “can’t miss schemes” that tempt job-seekers into thinking they are on the right track. As a recruiter, I am flooded with daily unsolicited emails from job-seekers saying their research shows my firm’s recruitment hires professionals like them and then proceeds to detail a litany of their accomplishments. These scripted emails look like the result of an unsuspecting job-seeker paying for a service advertised to get them a job….and then providing the names and emails of all of listed recruiters.

Note: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Hiring is an art. As business continues to change and evolve, the art of hiring and the art of job-seeking must adjust as well. Old, outdated, broken models are not effective.

Are you asking the so-called  job finding expert:
– “When was the last time you were directly involved in hiring?”
– “What specifically was the position title that you hired?”

At Boxwood, our expertise is executing the hiring event, also known as the art of hiring. We are involved in the hiring process everyday. Due to our first hand familiarity with hiring, we are well versed in the most effective steps for a candidate compared to the outdated steps to finding a job.

We have re-engineered our processed oriented recruiting model and tweaked it from the job seeker’s or candidate’s perspective. The following is our one-page process oriented approach to the steps of job-seeking.

Please click here to view our processed oriented approach to job-seeking.

By downloading our one page process oriented approach, you now have the process that we would follow as a job seeker. If you are an Executive Level Professional and would find value in our professional mentoring/coaching you for your job-seeking campaign,  please use the email address at the top of the page to contact us.

Please click the link below for our video insights for job-seekers:
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