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A Neumann & Associates, LLC is a professional East-Coast mergers & acquisitions advisory and business brokerage firm headquartered in New Jersey that has assisted business owners and buyers in the business valuation and business transfer process nationwide for the past 20+ years. The firm has grown to become the leading Middle Market Merger & Acquisition firm serving all states from Massachusetts to Florida.

With an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating for 20+ years, over 5,000 business valuations and hundreds of deals closed, the company maintains its corporate offices in Atlantic Highlands, NJ approximately 45 minutes south of New York City. (Click for more details)

A Neumann & Associates, LLC has a proven process of adding senior-level professionals to our organization and then providing the necessary support to our business broker team. It takes approx. 6-18 months to become established within your region. Once established, a typical business broker’s income ranges from $200k to $500k – with no upper limit.

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Summary of Position

We are looking for professionals with demonstrated B2B sales of intangibles that include telemarketing, prospecting and in-person sales. Experience in sales sectors such as management consulting, coaching, financial services, professional services and software are a plus.

The success of a business broker depends upon the ability to connect with the “Main Street” Business Owner and earn trust. We have found this requires that the broker is authentic and credible in the eyes of the Business Owner. This includes the importance of the broker having several decades of work experience.  Please note that all resumes submitted must show at least 15 years of direct business experience in order to be considered.

A Neumann & Associates is in a growth mode and adding Regional Managing Directors for specific geographic markets.

The Western Pa Region covers Philadelphia, Allentown and Harrisburg. This is an assignment of a dedicated geographic territory.

We have continued to expand throughout the pandemic, have accelerated recent growth and are continuously searching for qualified professionals and executives to support the exciting growth of our organization on the east coast. Last year was one of our best years with the current year projected to pass the previous year’s benchmark.

Each Regional Managing Director works in their assigned geographic area, encompassing 8,000 to 15,000 target businesses. The Regional Managing Director operates as independent entrepreneur (1099 basis) supported by the corporate office for all marketing, legal, property, associations, compliance, documentation etc. It is not a ‘9-to-5 job’, this is your entrepreneurial business. It takes effort and work and it requires prospecting of new clients.  Regional Managing Directors fully organize their own days with a great degree of freedom while operating their own business and relying on their initiatives.

This is a relationship-building business. You are developing a trusted relationship with a business owner who is considering the sale of his or her “baby”. Once a business owner decides to sell the business, you need to be positioned to be the one selected as broker to sell the business.

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The Recruitment Process

A Neumann & Associates has selected Boxwood to manage ALL hiring because of the firm’s unique approach to candidate selection and qualification. While this process is different, we feel that it genuinely offers both candidates and the company the best opportunity to get to know each other at a deeper level than is typical with the conventional interview approach.

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Characteristics of the Ideal Regional Managing Director:

Demonstrated B2B sales success of intangibles that includes telemarketing, prospecting and in-person sales. Experience in sales sectors such as management consulting, coaching, financial services, professional services and software are a plus.

Demonstrated understanding and experience working with mid-sized businesses, their unique owners and the business’ financial statements.

Personally financially stable and suited for the earnings ramp-up of this role to take 6-18 months.

Demonstrated responsive sense of business urgency and self motivation.

Demonstrated success using a great networking sense.

Demonstrated experience successfully working in a remote or virtual setting.


Contract Support from A Neumann & Associates

Assignment of a dedicated geographic territory.

Comprehensive introduction program with assigned, dedicated contractor “mentor/liaison” during start-up phase of first 6 months.

Detailed target client information.

The proven, four pronged marketing approach includes an investment of approx. $15K to $20k/each year by A Neumann & Associates into the region of the newly hired:

1) Direct mail – weekly targeted USPS mailings.
2) Networking presence – Representation in selected networking groups
3) Electronic marketing & emailing (SEO, PPC, e-publications).
4) Regional Seminars

Compensation for Regional Managing Director

This is a performance/rewards role. The following is a realistic earnings scenario:

Year 1) Est. $30K to $120K earnings for the B2B Sales, Regional Managing Director.

Year 2) Est. $100K to $250K earnings for the B2B Sales, Regional Managing Director.

Year 3) Once properly established, a typical business broker’s income ranges from $200K to $750K – with no upper limit.


Lead Generation & Lead Times

Typically, there are lead-times involved, anywhere between 1 to 6 months for the successful executive to start generating valuation income, and approximately 6 to 12 months for closing transactions thereafter. You should be prepared with sufficient resources available to support your personal life expenses until you have developed a constant stream of business – similar to any other business start-up.

Our four pronged marketing – direct mail, networking presence, electronic marketing (SEO, PPC, e-publications) and workshops – has proven itself over and over again over the past 20+ years to generate leads and revenue fairly soon. Your responsibility is to work these leads, generate additional leads and to obtain sales through selling valuations, obtaining sell-side engagements and closing deals with potential buyers.

Start-Up Program

To ensure your success, we have a strong start-up program developed, including a detailed, 100 page handbook preparing you for client interactions, one-on-one mock sales sessions and a comprehensive monthly key metric report for all regions. After a rigorous initial introduction, you will have a “mentor” to help you every step of the way for as long as you need it! In addition, we hold quarterly professional meetings, allowing you to consistently gain new knowledge and to exchange ideas with your peers. Our objective is that our professionals will succeed – no exceptions!

Start-Up Cost Estimate

It has been our experience that you need to allocate some limited funds for expenses such as car travel, phone usage, a high speed internet connection and limited office supplies. A few minor networking attendance fees will be incurred. You will have no mailing expenses and no office lease expenses, working out of your home.

Travel / Own Schedule

You have the advantage of being home every night, having limited car travel, and having great flexibility in setting up your schedule. There is no airline travel required. It provides a great work-life balance situation, and you have complete flexibility for arranging your day.

Creativity & Longevity

This is a profession you can “grow old” in – no corporate restructuring, and clients that will come repeatedly back and recommend you in the process. By building (or already having) a loyal network of business owner clients, you will develop an income stream for many years taking into account that our profession can be worked many years beyond the typical corporate “retirement”.

We have a very dynamic team in place, love to exchange ideas, and have the flexibility to change course and take matters into our own hands, as only a dynamic, mid-sized operation can offer. Our MIS is second to none, our ethics way above the competition. Our shared success pool with instant deal payouts allows everybody to share in closed deals, and all is backed by more than 20+ years of business experience. In short, we have a lot of fun while helping business owners to reach their objectives and making money in the process (and have plenty of social events with our spouses).

There is no “typical” day” and very few “routines”. (if you are looking for the next ‘nine-to-five job’ corporate employee job, then this is definitely not for you!). But, if you are looking for an entrepreneurial challenge of starting a business for yourself within the framework of a very well established umbrella and with lot’s of fun in the process, please let us know and we would love to schedule an initial phone conversation.

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