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Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Optisys is a groundbreaking antenna technology company, fusing novel RF design with metal additive manufacturing to generate unique, highly integrated and market leading solutions.

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Optisys excels at rapidly developed, customized, high performance antenna designs in metal waveguide for global customers that include Lockheed Martin, Boeing, L-3 and General Dynamics. Optisys serves a broad range of market segments from sea to deep space, with many deployments in all these areas. These solutions are produced for the commercial, defense and government sectors.

Optisys is a turn-key solutions provider offering components or full system development and has a full vertically integrated process from design through manufacturing. This enables engineers to see their designs through the whole development process from design through production, test, and deployment.

Optisys is the only successful US-based design specialist for antennas produced using metal 3D printing. We currently have around 30 employees and are on a very rapid growth tract due to an enormous influx of customers and IRAD for new technology.

Optisys solves unique problems that provide the opportunity for strong engineers to have full engagement and express their creativity and ingenuity through exciting and groundbreaking new concepts and solutions.

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Summary for Executive Administrative Assistant   

This is a new role, due to the exponential increase in design work. The EA will work onsight at the Optisys HQ in SLC.

The EA will be working where we push the limits to the latest technology every day. Some people call it magic.
We are looking for a detail-oriented professional with critical thinking skills, good writing skills, and thrives in a fast-paced environment.

We need someone with the experience of having worked with executives to maximize their time and daily productivity. They will be supporting the administrative needs of a few senior leadership members but report directly to the COO.

Our executive team needs help with more organization and the removal of administrative functions from our business day.

Duties and Responsibilities Include:

Earn the trust of the leadership team
Answering questions with banks or setting up new accounts.
Helping prepare travel plans
Help prepare company parties, activities, customer visits
Help to manage email
Help with scheduling and calendaring
Process visitors into the facility
Gather information and reports
Prepare written responses to customers and suppliers
Prepare compensation and bonus notices for employees
Take on miscellaneous tasks as needed
Document management, scanning documents and storing in proper locations and revision controlled.
Editing and making updates to policies and procedures.
Maintaining NDAs and keeping them up to date.


Current US Citizenship OR Current Green Card.


Demonstrated 5 + years of experience in a similar role.

Education in business management or writing would be a bonus.

Experience with similar functions in a company much larger than Optisys so there is the experience with how these companies operate.

Demonstrated experience working closely with top executive leadership.

Geographic Location Requirements

The EA will report to the Chief Operating Officer and work onsight at the Optisys HQ in SLC.

OPTISYS Culture 

Optisys is a close-knit team of highly motivated individuals who all share the same aspirations of ensuring Optisys becomes a global power in RF technology.

We thrive on a culture of ingenuity, passion, and collaboration, and due to the nature of the product we develop you will be interfacing with all levels of the company regularly.

Top Priorities During the First 6 Months: 

Get comfortable with the full operations of the company.

Gain full proficiency with the filing systems for various data types.

Be capable of representing the company to banks, suppliers, and customers for various activities.

Be fully proficient at preparing travel and activity plans.

Be fully proficient at managing email and calendaring for executive staff.


The target compensation is a combination of a base salary plus a performance bonus based upon company performance and employee performance.

Base Salary Compensation Range: $60K-85K.


The Recruitment Process

OPTISYS has retained Boxwood to conduct a different kind of recruitment. We have selected Boxwood because we are believers in Boxwood’s unique approach to candidate selection and qualification.  While this process is different, we feel that it genuinely offers both candidates and the company the best opportunity to get to know each other at a deeper level than is typical with the conventional interview approach.

Please click for a short video on the Boxwood Process.

To Apply

Interested and qualified candidates are first asked to view the Boxwood short video and thoroughly review the detailed position description. Interested and qualified candidates should then APPLY HERE 

OPTISYS’s Benefits Summary 

Executive Leadership

Janos Opra, CEO

Janos Opra has 17 years of experience in military communications systems ranging from RF engineer to business development to leadership. He has won multiple new business opportunities by coordinating with engineers, program management, and end users to develop products. These products had a market segment of over $100 million. Mr. Opra has a wide variety of industry contacts from his time spent in the aerospace industry. He has worked directly with high level military planners to establish project requirements and CONOPs for multimillion dollar hardware platforms and their supporting software.

Robert Smith, COO (Hiring Manager)

Robert Smith has 23 years of experience designing and analyzing equipment and RF components to MIL-STD requirements and is an expert in metal additive manufacturing. For the past 4 years, he has focused his expertise on AM with an emphasis on aluminum RF components. With Optisys, Mr. Smith focuses on overseeing the design and fabrication of antenna products, pushing into new territory in metal AM processes.

Clinton Cathey, CSO

Clinton Cathey has 18 years of engineering experience, with the last 13 years of experience in communications systems ranging from ME/EE engineer to project lead. At Optisys, Mr. Cathey leads the company and provides technical and management direction. He is a preeminent expert in antennas and motion controls with specializations in pointing and tracking systems. His focus has been with industrial automation through airborne and shipboard motion stabilized and target tracking gimbals. He is an IEEE Senior Member and is an inventor on multiple patents related to tracking and SATCOM antennas

Michael Hollenbeck, CTO 

Michael Hollenbeck has 14 years of experience designing and analyzing antenna and RF components for commercial and military communication systems. At Optisys, he designs cutting edge RF and antenna components using AM and provides technical direction for the company. Mr. Hollenbeck has led numerous projects, including design and simulation of complex RF components such as waveguide, antennas, arrays, and filters to critical success. He has worked on iterative designs to produce RF products in the 1-100 GHz (3-300 mm) ranges.

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