Three Solutions for Businesses Wanting Growth:

1) Consulting Engagement to Grow Your Business

Through a consulting model, (usually 3-12 months) Boxwood will evaluate, define critical needs and develop a solution using a Best Practices Approach. We develop solutions for businesses to grow.

Some of our clients need our consultation prior to our recruiting expertise. For others, we simply deliver a consultative solution.

• Current Situation Assessment

– “Can you define and declare your biggest business challenge?”
– “Do you have the right talent to get your business to the next level?”
– “Is everyone headed in the same direction as the company’s goals?”
– “Are you optimizing the performance of your organization?”
– “Is your business paying for the performance you are receiving?”
– “Can you attract and retain top talent?”

• Deliverables:

– Our report with recommendations to accomplish business growth

– Implementation for:

– Development of Pay for Performance Compensation Model

2) Compensation Models

Click here to read: Boxwood Performance Bonus Plan & Example

Click here for 2 min video: Does your business pay too much for sales compensation?

Compensation is a critical component to attracting and retaining top level talent. Today’s business leaders want to encourage and reward targeted results. On the other hand, businesses are less comfortable with a compensation model that obligates them to pay an expensive salary without the employee delivering measurable value.

Today’s compensation is more about performance than ever. Compensation models have shifted from a base salary to: “OTE” or On-Target-Earnings, which include the combination of base salary and performance-based bonus incentives.

Incentives need to be aligned with company goals and implemented to motivate and reward for achieving defined goals. We analyze, update and develop performance-based compensation models for our clients.

The Best Compensation Models

– Straightforward and simple to understand
– Work on a 3-6 month cycle, no longer a 12 month, calendar cycle
– Focused to motivate individuals who will in term be incentivized to deliver on the company’s goals
– No caps. Extraordinary people should receive extraordinary rewards
– Alignment – If extraordinary rewards are made, the compensation model should be aligned to reward the business leaders handsomely

3) Full Cycle Recruiting for:

* Managers
* Individual Producers

We approach recruiting and deliver value through our process-oriented, consultative/advisory approach. We take a 360 degree view of your organization to provide a focused and complete service to identify, attract recruit and retain leaders and senior level talent.

With a functional business background and thirty years of practical business experience, you can be assured that your assignments are completed by a smart, savvy expert and not by someone at a junior level still cutting their teeth in the business.

Our Process-Oriented Steps of Recruitment:
Development of a detailed position description
Identification of candidates
Screening, development and interviewing of candidates
Reference checking of finalist candidate(s)
Acceptance of offer by candidate
Outline of a six month on-boarding plan

Sectors We Have Covered Include:
Broadcasting, Commercial and Government Sectors
Intelligence Community (including security clearances)
Government Contracting
Medical Device Manufacturing
Satellite Communications, Commercial and Government Sectors
Software Developers
Technology, Commercial and Government Sectors


Examples of Our Assignments:
Business Development Manager of Federal Contractor Sector
Chief Financial Officer
Contract and Export Compliance Manager
Director of Business Development – Foreign Affairs
Director of Marketing
Director of Program Management
Government Account Manager
Manager of Technical Recruiting, Intelligence Community
Quality Control Manager
Senior Director of Business Development, Fort Meade Intelligence Community
Senior Product Engineer
Senior Sales Engineer
Vice President of Programs

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