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AvL Technologies
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Bert Sadtler
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The Recruitment Process

Boxwood has been retained by AvL Technologies to conduct a best practice, process-oriented recruitment. The result: the best candidate who meets the technical requirements and also fits the AvL culture will join AvL’s team. AvL is invested in and is committed to hiring the right talent. The recruitment process is intended to provide qualified candidates with a positive, thorough, confidential and interactive experience focused upon business discussions — not interviews. A key aspect of the recruitment process will include the candidate completing a 6-month action plan in collaboration with the AvL hiring manager. Once completed, we call this the “Candidate’s Path to a Successful Hire”.

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Interested and qualified candidates are asked to first thoroughly review the following detailed position description. Interested and qualified candidates should then contact Bert Sadtler of Boxwood.

AvL offers competitive pay and excellent benefits plans and is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All candidate information will be kept confidential.


Company Summary

AvL Technologies, Inc. is a privately held US company specializing in the design, development and production of mobile satellite antennas and positioner systems. With corporate headquarters based in Asheville, North Carolina, and a regional office located in the UK, AvL is able to offer superior service and support to customers around the world. AvL provides systems integrators with positioner and complete antenna system products, product development and services that maximize the technical and commercial benefits for their customers with cost, performance, quality and reliability requirements.

AvL provides solutions and support for satellite ground terminals for SNG, mobile broadband Internet access, Disaster Relief, Oil & Gas Data Backhaul, and Defense & Homeland Security customers throughout the world. AvL offers the world’s largest range of satellite antennas for vehicle-mount, flyaway and fixed Earth station applications with sizes ranging from 60cm to 5.0M. Thanks to state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, cutting edge designs and development, AvL antennas are extraordinarily sturdy, efficient, and reliable. In addition, AvL is well known for providing adept customization to meet specific needs and requirements.

The Position

The Senior Systems Engineer (SSE) will work at the Asheville, NC manufacturing headquarters and report to AvL’s Director, JB Wilson. AvL is expanding its product offering by developing systems with a high level of integration. 

The SSE will work with AvL’s customers to understand their product needs. Then, develop a solution and document a systems level  requirements. Then, conduct necessary systems level analysis. Then, allocate system level requirements into sub-system specifications. Finally, develop test plans and test.

Qualifications/Education & Experience
1. Approximately 10+ years of demonstrated experience
2. Minimum of Bachelors in engineering, MS desired
3. Demonstrated expertise in antenna theory, SatCom Systems, positioners/controller, modems, IP networking
4. Demonstrated experience analyzing and specifying Transmit Amplifiers, including required filtering and linearization.
5. Demonstrated experience analyzing the effects and requirements of various SatCom modulation techniques
6. Experience in ARSTRAT design and certification (a plus)
7. Ability to work independently with little supervision
8. Ability to work well with a cross section of team members (Sales, engineering, production)

Top Priorities during first 12 months:
1. Gain an in-depth understanding of AvL’s product offering and it’s capabilities/specs/limitations (antennas, positioners, controllers)
2. Work with a customer to document a system solution for a SatCom communications terminal
3. Generate system level block diagrams
4. Select required components
5. Develop specs for components that need to be designed/procured
6. Develop required documentation
7. Develop Test Plans and Test
8. Provide Systems level analysis for a SatCom link: link analysis, G/T, EIRP, pointing accuracy requirements on a specific program
9. Develop solutions on specific projects for IP networking requirements
10. Support proposal activities for a new AvL system.

Must be a US Citizen or legally authorized to work in US as a permanent resident.

Expanded Details

Systems Integration Requirements
Lead AvL Systems Integration projects. This activity will entail working with sales, customers and Product Engineers to understand and define overall system requirements.
1. The projects will include the integration of satellite terminals with modems, networking equipment, power distribution and monitoring equipment.
2. The SSE will need to be able to convert customer requirements into a system design. This process will require the generation of systems documentation including block diagrams, wiring diagrams, test procedures and reports
3. The SSE  will need to understand the specifications and capabilities of AvL’s satellite terminals and equipment and then define/allocate the hardware and software requirements for the remaining components of the system.
4. The SSE will need to be able to work with vendors on custom designs. Systems engineer will define requirements and work with vendor on desired modifications.
5. Systems engineer will be able to develop test plans and verify performance. This will include system debugging and isolation of issues. This will require the engineer to work closely with hardware and software engineers to resolve issues.
6. The SSE must have a demonstrated  working knowledge of antennas, RF components (BUCs, LNBs cabling), positioners and position controllers, IP networking, and monitoring and control equipment.
7. The SEE must has a working knowledge in use of routers/switches, industry satellite modems and RF test equipment.


Systems Engineering – desired but not required
Systems Engineering activities would entail the following additional skills/capabilities:
1. Systems Engineering activities include the ability to generate system specifications based on technical requirements for both commercial and military systems.
2. The SSE to have the analytical ability to conduct Satellite system design, RF link analysis and IP networking design. Can allocate system specifications to RF, mechanical and software components.
3. The SSE to have significant understanding of satellite systems, antenna theory, mechanical positioning and control theory, IP networking (Cisco routers and switches) and Monitoring and Control systems.
4. The SEE to develop system documentation (analysis, specifications, test procedures, network simulation, etc.)
5. The SSE to have experience designing with commercial and military systems.
6. Experience with designing for and certifying ARSTRAT terminals is a big plus


In general, AvL employees are compensated above the average market sector range. Compensation will be designed to incentivize the new employee to bring a foundation of experience, learn AvL’s products and people.  Compensation will be a combination of base salary plus a performance bonus measured against defined goals.

About the AvL Company Culture

– The members of AvL’s team come to work because they want to make a difference and believe that the work they perform matters.

– AvL Technologies as a company is committed to manufacturing great products which therefore provides good jobs in Asheville, North Carolina.   

– AvL maintains a relationship of mutual trust, two-way dedication, and common commitment to integrity and quality. AvL believes in working hard towards common goals in an enjoyable environment of mutual support.

– AvL’s products will be designed for the customer with technical excellence to achieve business success.  The products will be produced to satisfy customer needs for application, delivery, and quality.

– AvL will maintain the ability and commitment to satisfy customer delivery needs without compromising quality or workmanship.

– AvL will focus on continuous improvements in all operations and will always strive to make right decisions for employees, customers, business partners and vendors to result in a win-win outcome.


Company History – Summary

AvL Technologies, Inc. was formed in 1994 to design and manufacture a lightweight positioner for the ERA Technology 1.5M diamond-shaped, Ku band, carbon fiber reflector for BAF Communications. The founder of AvL is Jim Oliver who began his experience designing antenna positioners on satellites in 1967 for Lockheed Missiles and Space. His earth station antenna experience started in 1979 as Engineering Manager for the Antenna Division of Scientific-Atlanta where he was responsible for the development of antennas from 3M to 11M, most of which comprised the company’s initial earth station antenna product line. He later was co-founder of SatCom Technologies (now a division of General Dynamics) where he developed another complete product line including the first 2.4M SNG antenna system.

Today, AvL Technologies, Inc. is a privately held US company specializing in the design, development, and production of transportable satellite antenna/positioner systems. With corporate headquarters based in Asheville, North Carolina and regional offices in California, Florida, Europe and Asia., AvL is able to offer superior service and support to customers around the world. AvL provides systems integrators with positioner and complete antenna system products, product development and services that maximize the technical and commercial benefits for their customers with the cost, performance, quality and reliability requirements.

AvL provides solutions and support for transportable satellite ground terminals for commercial, professional and military customers throughout the world. AvL offers the world’s largest range of satellite antennas for vehicle mount and flyaway applications. Thanks to state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, cutting edge designs and development, AvL antennas are extraordinarily sturdy, efficient, and reliable. In addition, AvL is well known for providing adept customization to meet specific needs and requirements.



JIM OLIVER, CEO and founder – Jim has 35+ years of experience in satellite antenna design and manufacturing including Engineering Manager at Scientific-Atlanta and co-founder and VP Engineering of SatCom Technologies (now absorbed into Vertex/RSI Division of SatCom Technologies Group of General Dynamics). Jim has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design and a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Degree from Georgia Tech, and a MSME majoring in Design Engineering from Stanford University.

MIKE PROFFITT, President and COO – Mike has 30+ years of manufacturing experience including 17 years at Outboard Marine Corporation where as the Manufacturing Engineering Manager and Plant Manager he was responsible for the daily production of 1,000 outboard marine engine assemblies and castings. Mike has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Manufacturing Technology from Western Carolina University and a Master’s Degree in Manufacturing Statistics from Milwaukee School of Engineering.

JB WILSON, Director of Program Engineering – JB has 30+ years of experience in developing products and systems for the SatCom, antenna measurement and cable settop markets. JB served in Director of Engineering and Director of Program Management roles for Scientific-Atlanta (Cisco). He later joined MI Technologies as the Systems Integration Engineering Manager and Business Director for the Antenna Test & Measurement Services, where he also achieved A2LA certification. JB received a BEE and MSEE from Georgia Institute of Technology and a BS from Georgetown College.

Additional Company Detail

AvL Technologies Antenna Control System – The AAQ Embedded Antenna Controller provides simple, robust operation with industry-leading flexibility and features. This powerful state-of-the-art controller exhibits the industry’s smallest form factor lightweight package with minimal cabling and connectors. A straight forward GUI implemented on a PC or handheld computing device provides an intuitive interface that can be easily tailored per customer preference. Modular software architecture using a single kernel provides tremendous flexibility enabling integration with any combination of motors, encoders, sensors (digital and analog) and communication with any Ethernet device. Whether your antenna application is a flyaway, fixed or quick deploy vehicle, the AAQ will deliver superior performance and the flexibility to accommodate ongoing advances in satellite antenna technology.

AvL’s Applications and Markets


Military applications are typically the most demanding of all satellite communications. From vehicle mounted to flyaway applications, no other manufacturer has fielded more military antennas than AvL. AvL antennas have become the ultimate solution of choice for numerous military agencies, including the US Army and US Marines.

The selection of AvL by military agencies is usually based on unique, and robust designs. No other manufacturer can combine the essentials of rugged packaging, robust wind performance, ease of operation and post-delivery customer support at a very competitive price.

While the vast majority of military applications to date have relied on commercial satellite interoperability, especially at Ku-band, AvL is now leading the industry in the delivery of systems that will operate over the next generation of military satellites, including Xtar (X-band) and the new US Army Wideband Global Satellite (WGS) constellation (X- and Ka-band). Most of AvL’s military antennas can be offered with upgradability to X- and Ka-bands of operation.

Broadcast & Media:

AvL produces the most reliable, sophisticated and highest performance broadcast antennas and antenna positioners available.

Mobile satellite communications are of major significance for broadcasting companies, military, governments, disaster relief organizations, commercial and private industry who require high speed, easily accessed, reliable data communications from any location around the world. AvL provides the most comprehensive range of antenna apertures and the widest range of frequency bands in the industry, ranging from 0.7m to 2.4m and covering all broadcast satellite frequency bands including C, Ku, DBS and Ka.

Mobile satellite communications are of major significance for broadcasting companies, military, governments, disaster relief organizations, commercial and private industry who require high speed, easily accessed, reliable data communications from any location around the world.

The antenna is the key component for SNG applications. AvL provides the most reliable, sophisticated and highest performance antennas and antenna positioners available.

The reflectors are built to meet the highest standards in the industry meeting Ka band surface accuracy and profile accuracy. The feed chains offer the highest performance for the widest range frequency bands. The heavy duty three axis positioners provide the

stiffest most robust and accurate antenna pointing. The patented cable drive system is renowned through the industry for its zero backlash and incomparable reliability even under the most arduous environmental conditions. The AvL positioners provide antenna rotation in azimuth, elevation and polarization that exceed the capabilities of all other competitors. A range of antenna controllers provide alternatives for simple jog control through to fully automatic satellite acquisition and tracking options.

“Designed to meet the industry’s changing requirements – precisely, accurately and consistently”

The latest generation of AvL SNG antennas is the latest series of aerodynamic SNG antenna subsystems on the market. The aerodynamic cowling is designed as an optional addition to the convenient and practical optional vehicle mounting pallet. The mounting pallet provides a means of quick and easy roof mounting to roof bars and a wide range of vans, SUV’s and all-terrain vehicles. The aerodynamic cowling provides an eye pleasing cover to enhance the overall appearance of the SNG vehicle.

Oil and Gas:

AvL antennas are widely recognized as the “gold standard” by oil and gas companies. AvL’s antenna systems are rugged and durable, and offer state-of-the-art deployment, signal acquisition and beam management technologies. Thanks to sturdy, high-quality components, AvL antennas and positioners can function with minimal maintenance in extreme environments. AvL’s exclusive one-touch Auto Acquisition Controllers can be operated with minimal training.

Oil and gas companies recognize that typical low-end equipment leads to downtime in the field, which leads to higher business costs. AvL antennas offer much higher performance and ruggedness than the industry standard, thus leading to lower operational costs and lower total cost of ownership. Oil and gas companies that rely on dependable field communications choose AvL Technologies antennas.

Emergency & Civil Service:

Disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, storms and acts of terrorism create the need for emergency and first responder personnel to work in extreme situations or locations, often with a damaged or overwhelmed terrestrial network. Satellite communications provide the ability to coordinate emergency response efforts.

AvL vehicle mount and FlyAway antennas provide the dependability necessary to create communication networks in such dire situations. AvL antennas are easy to use by non-technical responders and can be operational within minutes.

AvL antennas are already in use by FEMA, the American Red Cross, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, National Guard and numerous state emergency response units.  AvL antennas have been used to provide emergency communications for disasters such as Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy and the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center.

Ka Broadband – Mobile VSAT:

Vehicle-Mount – FlyAway – DriveAway

Imagine being able to pull up to any location and quickly establish voice, video, and data connectivity without the need for specialized training or complicated configurations on the ground. The AvL range of mobile vsat antennas are compact, rapid-deployable, self-contained antenna systems that facilitate near-instantaneous broadband satellite communications capability in most any field environment.

The AvL range of innovative mobile VSAT antennas offer the highest performance from the lightest, lowest stow height and smallest footprint profiles available. Aerodynamic cowlings are offered for specific models.

VEHICLE-MOUNT – These antennas are light and low profile, their integral base pallet enables quick and easy installation to be possible on virtually any vehicle or trailer directly to flat rooftops or to vehicle roof bars (eg Thule bars).

FLYAWAYS – The vehicle mount range of antennas are complemented by a very wide range of flyaway flight case based antenna solutions for requirements that demand even lighter weight and portability.

FLYAWAY OR DRIVEAWAY – These are unique solutions providing in one product the advantages of both the FLYAWAY and the ability to vehicle mount and DRIVE AWAY. The fly&drive option in two cases can be installed in minutes using standard vehicle roof bars. This makes it uniquely possible to fly the antenna internationally on commercial aircraft and install it on a local rental car turning it instantly into a rapid reaction Mobile VSAT/SNG vehicle for disaster recovery or breaking news.

Gimbals & Positioners:

AvL introduced the patented Roto-Lok cable drive in 1994 and applied it to antenna positioning.  The design is simple with relatively few components and minimal size and weight.  The advantages of the cable drive include low or zero backlash, critical to the acquisition of the satellite signal, and high stiffness, which is critical to staying peaked in wind.

AvL improvements brought about a new AvL Cable Drive, which is 50% stiffer than the original.  The cable drive has such high performance that AvL’s competitors have copied our design, but AvL still leads the industry in cable drive experience and expertise.

The Zero Backlash AvL Cable Drive has enabled AvL to become the industry leader in designing and producing Ka-Band antennas.  The incredibly stiff cable drive is paramount to Ka-band operations due to the narrow beamwidth.

AvL Antenna Controller – State-of-the-art embedded antenna controller, etc…….

Benefits Summary 

Medical Insurance by United Health Care via ADP

Recent News

AvL Technologies Announces New Products

ASHEVILLE, N.C., March 7, 2017 – AvL Technologies announces a new product family and two additional new antennas. The company also has released a new web-based version of its AAQ Auto-Acquire Antenna Control System and a new computer-assisted pointing tool called SatCAP. These new products will be on display in AvL’s booth at SATELLITE 2017.

AvL’s new line of Fully Integrated Terminals is now available with reflectors sized at .75m, .98m and 1.35m, and soon will be available with a .45m reflector. Each of these ultra-lightweight antennas features an axi-symmetrical carbon fiber reflector, an all-in-one positioner system with integrated stabilizer legs, quick change snap-in-place tri-band feeds and RF kits, and ODU/modem and BUC/LNB integration. The antennas offer compact two-case pack-ups, which meet IATA requirements for carry-on or checked baggage depending on antenna size. These antennas are easily assembled by one person in minutes. A video on the new FIT antennas can be viewed here.

AvL Technologies will showcase its new 1.2m MEO tracking Ka-Band antenna for the O3b network. AvL’s O3b antennas are transportable, rapidly-deployable, tactical terminals with geared drives for continuous operation.  The antennas operate in tandem pairs (same size) with make-before-break communications and are easily transportable in durable transit cases and can be set-up and on-the-air within two hours.

Also featured will be our Model 824i 85cm Integrated Auto-Acquire FlyAway Terminal, which is a tri-band capable antenna in a fully-integrated, lightweight solution that packs into two cases. The antenna’s outdoor-rated electronics unit (ODU) is loaded with features including multiple modem choices, DC power distribution for BUC sizes to 60 watts as well as optional features including on-board WiFi, fiber connectivity and AC/DC prime power.

AvL’s AAQ Auto-Acquire Antenna Control System now has a web-based graphic user interface (GUI).  This new GUI is browser-based and does not require software, and it offers a simplified user experience with smart buttons. The GUI provides a wizard-like set-up for target profiles, which makes changing target satellites very user friendly.

AvL’s AAQ also has a new computer-assisted pointing tool called SatCAP. This is AvL’s first computer-assisted pointing tool, and it was developed with an Android-based environmental / waterproof device. SatCAP interfaces directly to modems and enables users to select and point to targets on command.

About AvL Technologies

AvL Technologies, Inc. specializes in the design, development and production of mobile satellite antenna and positioner systems. With corporate headquarters based in Asheville, North Carolina, and a regional office in the UK, AvL is able to offer superior service and support to customers around the world.

AvL’s visionary approach to mobile satellite antennas and positioners has established the company as a global leader in innovation and reliability. The product line features a full range of lightweight, rapidly-deployable, self-contained antenna and positioner systems. AvL antenna systems enable efficient and cost-effective voice, video and data connectivity to be established quickly without the need for specialized training.

AvL is also the largest producer of high-performance, Ka-band ready, solid carbon fiber antennas. AvL’s growing carbon fiber product line includes apertures from 60cm to 5.0m that can be configured for case-based or vehicle-mount systems for diverse, worldwide applications.



AvL Technology Park – New Multi-Company Building is Now Open

ASHEVILLE, N.C., August 31, 2016 – AvL Technologies’ new $7.6M multi-company building is now open for business. The ribbon cutting, held today, featured local dignitaries speaking on AvL’s growth and contribution to local economic development, and the opportunity for approx. 200 people to tour the new facility.

With the opening of the new building AvL Technologies has created AvL Technology Park. The new facility already has one office and manufacturing space tenant, a long-time customer of AvL, and another AvL customer is planning to move into another manufacturing space. Additional local technology companies are considering the remaining office and manufacturing spaces, and AvL will move some manufacturing from the current building to the new building to take advantage of the larger space.

AvL’s expansion is continued momentum from the company’s $5.9 million expansion in 2010. The continued expansion will enable the creation of 150 new technology jobs for the area as the company grows its carbon fiber and composites production capabilities and expands into new markets.

AvL’s new multi-company building was built with assistance from the Buncombe County Commission and the Economic Development Coalition for Asheville-Buncombe County (EDC).

Originally founded in Buncombe County in 1994, AvL Technologies was an early participant in A-B Tech Community College’s Business Incubation program. Today the company has grown into an international brand currently employing more than 180 people.  It specializes in the design, development, and production of mobile satellite antenna/positioner systems for commercial, professional and military customers worldwide. AvL Technologies offers the world’s largest range of mobile satellite antennas for vehicle-mount and flyaway applications.


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