A strategic, fee-based, consulting firm…
….with a different approach to business growth.

- Are you optimizing the performance of your current talent?
- How well is compensation aligned to reward for performance?
- Are you hiring and retaining “THE BEST” in order to grow your business?
- Does your business have a Best Practices Recruitment Process to successfully acquire & retain critical talent?

- Would you like to see a business model with fixed price deliverables & no surprise fees?

We are different because we align all of our focus with the success of our client,
the CEO or Hiring Manager.

Two Sides to Boxwood Strategies & Executive Search:

Side 1)                                                                Side 2)
Consulting for Growth                                       Recruitment Management Outline
-Evaluation of Current Talent                              -Pre-Recruitment Preparation
-Optimization of Employee Performance              -Candidate Filtering
-Performance Based $Comp Model                      -Candidate Development
-Internal Hiring Evaluation                                  -Chemistry & Technical Fit
-Short term Consulting w/Experts                       -Negotiating Offer w/ Candidate
                                                                           -On-Boarding & Retaining New Talent

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